Jun 4, 2012

I have moved my blog to the following website --->> www.thecityrooftop.com. Please stop by

Mar 25, 2012

Society's Rooftop...Why?

I decided to write a blog to highlight society's forgotten places. The name was selected primarily because a rooftop provides an unfettered view of secret places or those places that are easily ignored by those on the ground. This blog simply provides another vantage point to everyday issues within communities.

I approach this blog through my own personal lens. I view the world through a unique theological and cultural perspective.  My paradigm is that of a theologically Conservative African American Evangelical. I enjoying viewing social issues from various angles and so with that goal in mind I will write about things that matter. Some might read into my self description and assume that they already know my view(s), but I would invite you to expect the unexpected.